Located Behind Fred's Barber Shop in Crystal River, Florida


Hours of Operation
Tuesday-Friday 7am-5pm
Saturday 8am-4pm
Closed Sunday and Monday

Weight Range

Small: 0-20 lbs
Medium: 21-40 lbs
Large: 41-70 lbs
Extra Lage: 71-100 lbs
Double XL: 101 lbs & up

Grooming and Rates

Quick Services / Walk-In Services

( Express Services are a stand alone service not scheduled with a bath or groom. Express Services are walk in services no appointment needed. Done by a first come first serve basis )***Please bring your rabies certificate so we can put it on your pet's file. The Tag on the collar is not an acceptable form of proof. We need to see Rabies Vaccine expiration date, Pets name, age and address with the Veterinarian's letter head or we will not be able to perform any services***

Nail Clip with Grinding $10

Teeth Brushing $5 Anal Gland Expression $10

Ear Cleaning $5 PlaqClnz $25

Nail Polish $5

Furminator Packages
( Furminator packages include the Furminator brand shed control shampoo and conditioner, come with 30 minutes of brushing with the Furminator brush and under coat racks. These packages can be added to Baths or Grooms. )

  • Small $10
  • Medium $15
  • Large $20
  • Extra Large $25
  • Double XL $30