Located Behind Fred's Barber Shop in Crystal River, Florida


Hours of Operation
Tuesday-Friday 7am-5pm
Saturday 8am-4pm
Closed Sunday and Monday

Welcome to Fred's Dog Grooming Salon, where Fred has gone to the dogs!

Fred has designed a comfortable and healthy dog grooming salon for a safe experience for you and your best friend. With a team of positive dog grooming experts, Fred's Dog Grooming Salon invites you to be our guest.

Fred's Dog Grooming is a full service salon, offering Bath & Brush, Mini Grooms, Full Haircuts, Deshedding treatments, Nail clipping/Grinding, Ear Cleaning, and Teeth Brushing.

At Fred's Dog Grooming Salon we welcome dogs of all sizes and breeds. Every room of our facility is monitored by our security cameras for the well being and safety of your pet.

You can book your pets Groom or Bath appointment by phone or stop by and book it with a member of our team. Walk in Bath & Brush out services are based on availability. We offer Quick Services such as Nail Clipping, Teeth Brushing, Anal Expression, and Ear Cleaning.

William Coleman is the Owner/Operator of Freds Dog Grooming Salon. He started as a groomer and then became the manager under Fred's ownership. Stop by and ask Will for a tour of the wonderful facility Fred Sparkman designed and built with the comfort of your pet being top priority.

William Coleman

Fred Sparkman